Monday, 7 May 2012

fluff and mist

So I did manage to get some vacuuming done, moved a few things about, washed the studio dishes, all the chores I like to avoid. When I went for a stroll down the street I realised it was the first day in ages where I didn't need to be somewhere else, it was kind of weird and good at the same time, a studio day good and proper.
I knitted. Angora lambswool scarves. Hung out in the 'knitting division' which is strangely colder than the rest of the studio. I dyed up the sample scarves yesterday, dip dyed and washed until they turned into clouds of fluffy goodness. They are like little animals all curled up together, so soft and snuggly.
I've got a few more dyeing downstairs now, charcoal, chocolate and indigo. I might lash out and go pink as well!

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