Saturday, 24 December 2011

merry whatsit

I've just dropped a cheesecake on my big toe. You'd think that wouldn't be the most painful thing but said cheesecake was in a Fowlers Vacola jar and has split my toe open and left a bruise. Non-usual food in jars is my latest obsession. Except when they land on feet. Cheesecake did not survive but it did manage to hold most of the jar together so it was a bit less dangerous as I limped about in agony.
So here we are at Xmas Eve. I have presents to wrap, biscuits to bag, a shop to vacuum, a cat to wrangle (he definitely knows we are entering the Zone and has been galloping about like a pony on cider apples) so I probably need to keep this short and sweet- like the cheesecake only less painful.
I hope you and yours have a lovely holiday season. That you get to eat lots, feel bloated, eat some more, yawn, drink buckets of tea, get through your stack of novels, watch all those dvds you promised yourself, sleep in, have afternoon naps and generally have a relaxing time. As you may have guessed this is the plan Jethro and I are hoping to follow.
The Cottage will be closed until the 3rd of January 2011 when it will be business as usual. You can leave a message on the phone if you like, I will check in occasionally. You might see me in the shop painting and moving stuff about, it is the revamp time of the year. I'm not planning on building a deck out the back (jeez I wish it still looked like it does in that photo!)  this year but I really should fit in a bit of cleaning and sorting.

We are open today from 10am until.... well.... maybe about 4- 4.30pm, it just depends when everyone disappears off the street. Call if you want to check. Yes we still have some satchels but colours are limited.

Have a lovely day tomorrow and I will see you on the other side.

Pen and Jethro


  1. Mwah! jolly berries to you and Jethro x

  2. Merry Christmas, Pen. Sorry about the toe, but gosh, what is cheesecake in a jar like? Intriguing.
    Hope I get a chance to drop in to the shop during the hols (maybe I can bring the Brumby to visit you) but have a good rest in the meantime.

  3. so glad i check in just so i could read 'like a pony on cider apples'. happy christmas!


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