Saturday, 10 December 2011

squirrels and owls and indigo cloth are some of my favourite things.....

Anna and Dell have been encouraging me to pull my finger out and start making some clothes for the shop. I keep telling customers they are coming (.... like Xmas blah blah blah...) but I finally managed to get some done yesterday after the aborted start in the middle of the week. That was until the iron finally attempted suicide and had to be unplugged and raced outside. Guess who has to find $750 to buy a new one? Oh well. Even after the repairs of a month ago I suppose it was definitely on its way out, 10+ years is a pretty good run.
So there are two new summer tops on the go, a cotton voile one and this one made from vintage Japanese cotton indigo printed kimono fabrics. It's a variation of one I did about 9 years ago, I'd been thinking about it and then about a month ago a customer came in wearing one of the originals, still in beautiful condition and she asked me to start doing something similar again, strange the way that happens! The first run in this print will be in the shop today and then more next week. I'm going to try to get as many garments done next week as I can. I promise. Truly.
After my arse-about weeks over the last month (lots of running about, hanging around the shop, being called out on weird errands) it felt really good to just spend the day making. Things that frustrated me earlier in the week came easier and problem solving wasn't a problem. I've said it before.... I need to be creative or I fall into a mushy heap of the sads.

We also have some new shop friends. Snowy owls and feathery squirrels. They are in l-u-r-v-e. They are going to get married and have babies.... squowls or owrels, we're not sure which. I think someone was a bit peeved that he'd been chucked over for a squirrel, hope he gets the pea green boat in the divorce settlement.

The shop will be open until 5pm today and remember we'll be open tomorrow too, noon to 4pm-ish.

*We have satchels in stock, not all colours and sizes but a fair whack of them, and we are hoping if Fedex doesn't get totally slammed before Xmas that we will be getting a new batch in in the next week or so. If the Xmas fairies are with us we will also have something special coming in too. Fingers crossed!

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