Friday, 23 December 2011


I just raced out the door this morning to realise I didn't know why I was running around like a mad thing.
The bank wasn't open, I didn't need to go to North Fitzroy until tomorrow morning, nowhere else I needed to go was open, so I did a U-turn and headed back here. A symptom of Xmas I think, furiously buzzing  like a bluebottle in a jar. I have vacuumed the shop ready for opening, I am munching on an apricot danish from Babka (they don't make them very often) and about to drink a bucket of tea. That should put me to rights.
It is Xmas Eve Eve and once Dell arrives I will swap my shopgirl hat for an apron and get the last of the baking done. I'm not doing a huge lot this year although I know that I really should get another batch of ginger hearts done as certain people I know will snaffle as many as they can. I've also made 'Xmas Chaff' (granola) as I am sure everyone will need a good roughage clean out after the festivities.

I got an email last night to say this article is up, all about 'make do and mend' and modern thrift. If you have popped in here from the links expecting to find some crafty earth mother type blog then you will be sadly disappointed. We may make and mend around here but we are never dowdy! And if you are interested in the 'Make do and Mend' book that Lindy quotes in the article we still have a few in stock and will be getting more in next year. The Cottage bookshelf has been pillaged this year but we still have a few copies of the CWA Classics cookbook left (sadly sold out of the Tasmanian CWA one, more in soon), a new stack of the Op Shop Guide is in, a few Marjorie Blighs left and there is also the Banana Skins thrift book as well. Next year I will seek out some more pertinent titles for your perusal.
Anyway I better go wrangle the cat and take a deep breath- it is the beginning of the end.


  1. just this minute sent you an E - having eaten chaff and plums for breakfast - YUM! haven't started on the gingers yet xx

  2. The ginger love hearts look like they wouldn't last long enough to be put into a tin! I feel like a lot of Christmas pressure is people doing it to themselves, although that doesn't mean I am not guilty of running around like a maniac too!


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