Saturday, 31 December 2011

from the vale of sloth

It is peaceful here in the Vale of Sloth. 
I got up and out this morning as I always do on a Saturday but rather than a quick dash to get the papers, bread, milk it seemed to take forever. Holiday brain in control. I dawdled and wandered and got lost in Piedimonte's  supermarket (would much have preferred being at Leo's but too far to travel this morning). Normally I race on Saturdays to get everything done before I open the shop, today I had plans to go back to bed with the papers and tea but instead I sat out the back on the thunderbox and ate a punnet of the biggest raspberries ever and enjoyed every minute before the day got too hot. 
I have painty fingers and the radio is on, a sure sign the tempo is picking up here as usually this time of year is quiet and music-less. Even with all the windows open this end of Fitzroy can be incredibly peaceful, no café noise, people murmuring quietly as they walk, the sound of a dero yelling in the distance, the trams rattling along. I like this time of year. As I walked home last night after a stroll there wasn't a person to be seen on the street, the sun was long and low and cast a golden glow along the footpath, buildings and magnolias, it was so nice. 
I do need to pick up the pace, I haven't got very far at all. The screen door is a priority to be finished as we need to be able to lock Jethro up when we re-open on Tuesday. I've started packing Xmas away and I have piles of fabric to be carted to the studio and made into things. I must re-jig the window and just sorting the shop ready for trade will take at least a whole day. I've also been very bad and haven't replied to any emails that have come in.... soon I promise. 
Time to get the ruler out and cut some brass mesh.


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