Saturday, 17 December 2011

coo coo coo

Normally I try to get a nice Saturday type photo for a Saturday blog post but I just haven't had the time or energy this week. I've just spend 15 minutes trawling through old photos and phone photos to decide on a pic of the necklace Dell made for me. Everyone needs a bit of spectrum in their day. You should see the one she's been sporting! Spectrum on steroids!
Anyway, it is the second last Saturday before Xmas and I am taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly. If you come into the shop and find me in the corner rocking backwards and forwards just wave the pretty spectrum necklace in front of my eyes and coo gently. There are pigeons nesting in the gutter outside and on a quiet morning you can hear this soft cooing vibration through the house. Very relaxing.
So shop stuff of the week has included new indigo tops, new wheat bags, new felt oven gloves in fluoro yellow (as sold out at the DFiles Open House) new tea towel cushions, new feathery Xmas animals and birds and of course the final Cambridge Satchel Co delivery of the year. What a week!
I think one of the things I love most about the lead up to Xmas is getting mail on the weekend. I'm easily pleased.

If I had my way today I would be taking a leave out of Jethro's busy schedule......

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