Monday, 19 December 2011


I ran off to the city today. I needed some time away from the shop and I desperately needed to run a few errands, like buying a new pair of jeans and getting my eyes tested. Choosing a pair of glasses wasn't fun, rather like trying on bathers, someone really needs to develop new mirrors and lights for shops like this. Do I really look that ugly and blotchy? Sigh.

Poor Anna was left alone in the shop to be bombarded with customers and their questions. Crazily we even had customers who flew down from Sydney just to come buy satchels at the Cottage. And a woman in from Hong Kong clutching a guide featuring our little shop, I'd forgotten all about that reporter and photographer.

Tomorrow I need to run more errands and I must get to the studio at some stage for a couple of hours work. I feel guilty leaving the girls to deal with the Xmas mania but then we have so little room behind the counter for two people.

I found this faux fish in a window if a Japanese restaurant and he just seemed to link back to the Xmas decorations I photographed in the shop before I went out- sequins and scales.
So there is five shopping days to go people.
Don't leave the satchel purchases to the last minute please!
There are other things to buy in the shop.... tea cosies, knitted toys, Frida dresses, baubles and spangles, purses and cushions and shopping totes.... and some chickens that need to be adopted!

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