Tuesday, 6 December 2011

satchel madness

Yesterday afternoon there was a mad dash to Derrimut again to pick up 4 huge boxes containing our lastest satchel order. Amazing what I can get in the Nissan Pulsar hatchback...... especially as I had actually cleaned the back of the car out this time unlike last time. I almost ran out of petrol in the darkest Derrimut but was lucky enough to notice the mileage (petrol gauge is wonky) in time to pull into a station and fill the little warhorse up.
Once home I dragged the boxes in, all 60+kg, and annoyed Anna with boxes, satchels, marking off stock and generally being all over the place and stressed. I then left her boxed in and went off to a meeting in the city but my penance was having to spend 3 and 1/2 hours when I got home sorting it all out and finding somewhere to put it all. I even managed to pop some of the damn things online at cottageindustry.bigcartel at about midnight last night! Not everything we can sell online is up yet but amazingly some of it is!!

The satchels drive me a bit crazy sometimes and especially when I have to deal with people's obsession with them. Yesterday a customer made me cry when she got shitty when we offered to help her open the satchel and suggested when she refused our help that she place the satchel on the counter to make it easier. She walked out say she'd get it online and then walked back in to vent with 'I'm an adult you know!'. We like to help our customers with the satchels as they can be tricky to unbuckle when new and when you are balancing one in one hand whilst juggling bags and keys and phones. It's also not just display stock but stock we have to sell so we don't want it getting damaged in any mishap. They are pretty tough but like any leather product  they can get marked and of course customers want to buy a pristine one not one that is soiled in any way.
I really think modern retail has a lot to answer for. I think people hanker for the days of customer service and yet at the same time get annoyed when help is offered. It's a conundrum. I think most of our customers (the nice ones)  like the advice and help we try to give them here at the Cottage. We will never talk you into something just for a sale and we are always honest if we feel something doesn't fit or suit a customer (in the nicest possible way of course) and will try to find a better alternative.
Xmas is just the hardest time for people's fraught expectations and demands.
And my family wonders why I just want to be left alone in my room reading and snoozing on Xmas day.

And have I told you the Cottage has a Facebook page.......? I'm not a huge fan of the social media (I find it a bit like the popular girl at school collecting friends and acquaintances) but go on make us feel 'loved'!


  1. I had to open a Facey account to get a Pinterest account - don't use Facey at all but if you see Audrey Madge commenting at all on yours it will be me having a little joke!
    But I think Facey is a good thing if you've got a business - you are selling something, not yourself, after all.

    Rude customers - grrr.

  2. Also - I don't know where derrimut is - will have to look up. Also - am at work and fiddling while Rome burns about me! Should not be here reading and commenting!

  3. You are totally loved. Cant wait to give hope her pristine gorgeous satchel

  4. The cottage is loved! Damn rude people, do t let the crazies getcha down. Can't wait to give Hope her satchel! X

  5. You have a diff demographic of your FB idea. I have been on FB since there were less than 50,000 people, all my five sibs are on, 19/21 of the next gen ( the other two see their friends at PS each day!) and it is a wonderful way to keep in touch with such a large family with at least two of us OS at any one time, as well as spread from Tas to Qld.Tho, of course, it isn't compulsory.Not yet anyways... it is a good tool.
    Had a laugh at your silly customer, with luck it will become a code-word for your work!! "I AM an adult you know" whenever someone offers to help you!
    Some people get so very stressy at Christmas-time. I would let you show me your gorgeous satchels. Avoid Tulla Fwy ATM, is a nightmare for the last few evenings apparently.


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