Tuesday, 13 December 2011

sublime → ridiculous

Things have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous around here. The unsold stock is back from the DFiles Open House, the butcher's twine delivery has arrived, there are boxes of Xmas feathered creatures with nowhere to roost and today I need to get a whole pile of tea towel cushions made and stuffed , where we are going to put the damn things I have no idea. How did the shop get so chock full?

I stayed up late last night and got a batch of clocks done finally. New annuals covers! I'm not a lover of tennis but I do love the tennis cover, she's so fun, I'm much more the girl in the armchair with a pile of books and a box of chocolates. The tuck shop one is inspiring me to get a batch of ginger beer up and running.

Is there something that comes after the ridiculous of  'from the sublime to the ridiculous'? I've just answered the door to our parcel postman and a new batch of tea cosies has arrived...... Ann has been frantically hooking and we now have new versions of the cottage garden flowers and native Australian flora cosies in, they are so beautiful but I'm wondering if it is possible for the shop to pop like an overfull balloon.
The maraschino cherry on the top will be when the latest (and last before Xmas) batch of Cambridge Satchels Co satchels arrive next week. There is something very special coming in this pre-Nativity shipment, something we were exclusively offered........ stay tuned!

I'm off to buy a replacement steambox iron. The organ transplants of the other week took but sadly the iron had other medical issues and burst into flames on Friday afternoon. It will be making an organ donation of any working parts, that is I'll cannibalise it and shove all the parts in a box and then lug them about for the next 10 years until in annoyance I throw them in the bin to only need them a week later. Steambox served me faithfully for a very long time but now I'm off to get the newer, shiny, same-price-even-after-10+ years model.

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  1. Jealous friends lusted over my Australian flora tea cosy recently - it really is a work of art as well as useful.

    Love the girl in chair reading clock especially - gorgeous.


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