Thursday, 22 December 2011

bakeback mountain

Afternoon all.
Been on the go since sparrow's fart. Actually that's not true- having put clean sheets on the bed last night Jethro and I slept a lovely sleep and only got out of bed when we really really had to, so a quarter past sparrow's fart is probably more accurate.
The Cottage got in yesterday's edition of Broadsheet. To our amusement the writer thinks we sell knitted hats covered in flowers..... crocheted tea cosies...... hahahaha. Like we always say- we don't mind what you do with them once you get them home!
I'm trying to bake biscuits, field questions, make gift tags, keep Dell hydrated with buckets of tea and generally be a pest. I've had to shut down the Big Cartel Cottage Industry site and if you are after a  Cambridge Satchel Co satchel please call the shop and we will let you know what we have in stock, and if you want one posted out for Xmas Day then you really better dial now as we will need to get it to our post office by 4.45pm today. Of course then it is out of our hands and you can blame Australia Post if it doesn't arrive on time.
Better get back to the baking.

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