Monday, 26 December 2011


Our new family member, Sam Junior, a little bundle of ridiculousness for Dad to play with. Xmas Day was a mix of turkey, nephews, kitten and crazed weather. I ended up in a traffic jam caused by the storm and sent out a huge thank you to the SES volunteers for chainsawing trees off the roads.
Boxing Day. Sleep, tea drinking, book reading, trashy afternoon TV watching, pyjama wearing all day. Every time I went downstairs for a snack, a tea or a wee I tried to fit in at least one small chore, a few dishes washed, things picked up off the floor, kitchen fan washed. And to cap the day- the Doctor Who Xmas Special, always a tear-jerker.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll dust the shortbread crumbs off and venture out of the house. Perhaps not! I think Jethro and I are just enjoying the peaceful laziness far too much!

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  1. Merry Christmas Pen & Jethro.

    Wanted to say thanks for my bag. I show my other half, he purchased the silver satchel. I had no idea on the colour , size etc. It was perfect. And I felt spoilt, brownie points to you both.


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