Sunday, 11 December 2011


I'm here in front of the computer shovelling arepa con huevo  and chorizo, also known as 'latin eggs and bacon', down my gullet and getting my head around being shopgirl today. I've vacuumed and found places for the new batch of pianola shades that arrived yesterday evening. Jethro is running around like a loon, he knows it isn't a normal Sunday and I might need to leave an extra 5 minutes allocated to get him wrangled and out the back. He's already had a photo session in the window with a passing family this morning so he is a bit self absorbed.
The food has started to kick in and I am slowing down a little, not quite so frantic and manic. Another bucket of tea should return me to a state of equilibrium.
Now if it was a usual Sunday I could retire to bed with the weekend papers for a read and a snooze.
If you should visit the Cottage and find me behind the counter snoring, just shake me gently and apply chocolate as need.

The photo above is a piece of work in the Fresh! exhibition at Craft Vic. Sorry I can't remember the maker's name but I love it, it's a fabulous concept. The floating coloured bits in the jars and bottles are photographic portraits of people, it is kind of creepy and beautiful at the same time. A little like the novel 'Perfume'.

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  1. Yeah, I loved that novel - I picked it up at a garage sale... V. spooky. I too love the jars, although I can't believe there's a photo in there! What an idea...


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