Saturday, 3 December 2011

bursting at the seams

Yet again last night I spent hours unpacking boxes and moving stuff around in the shop. I don't have enough horizontal, vertical or any other type of space. I made some new vintage linen cushions yesterday and now the lower level of the bunk is chock full, next week I start the tea towel cushions and then we really will be in trouble. Bursting at the seams indeed.

To top it all off Mr McEwan delivered a box full of the most beautiful brooches late yesterday. Simon works to his own clock and sometimes there can be a bit of a wait but when they arrive (no matter how overdue!) they really take our collected breath away. Who could not fall in love with a moonlit owl on the hunt? Simon has been ripped off and copied by shops like Top Shop and Dangerfield who have bought pieces from shonky Asian sweatshops but with his original handcut pieces (yep that's right they are all handcut not laser cut) you fall in to a dreamworld of chiaroscuro beauty. In the Minuet range we have Barn Owl, Bandicoot, Elephant and Rabbit and we also have some of the wood series and the lapel pins. The lapel pins are tiny and often very amusing, a polar bear on an iceberg, a glass of milk, bees and birds and miniature fox stoles with tiny handcut noses and silver eyes.

There was a another delivery of wooden deer and extra large glass domes too and these gorgeous deer ornaments. They look tiny but the larger one is about 18cm high and the smaller about 13cm. They are made of heavyweight resin and are really rather beautiful. Definitely not Bambi but a bit more Art Deco in a strange way.
OK people it's now time to officially start the Xmas hunt. I need you to come in and make some room in the shop for me by taking stuff home. We have a HUGE satchel order arriving early next week and I need to find room for four very large boxes. Once those boxes have been unpacked we will start calling everyone and let them know what colours and sizes we have available.
Guess who's going to be moving stock around in the shop yet again?

And! As well! Also!
Don't forget last two days of The Design Files Open House and last day of Marché Rouge at L'Uccello!

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  1. wow those brooches are divine... and hand-cut... Is this man cross eyed, by any chance?


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