Friday, 9 December 2011

not a dirty word

There has been a bit of discussion this year about glitter. Seems some people just don't think glitter is a serious material for professional crafters to use. I've got to say I do love a bit of glitter, I was going to say used sparingly but then I remembered the year I was commissioned to do three shop Xmas fit outs for Ipanema. Everything was covered in glitter and I was shitting glitter for a week after doing that project. Friends left my house covered in glitter, there was a trail of glitter through Fitzroy for months afterwards. It was a very messy business.
And very very amusing.
I used some of the props in my first Xmas window here at the Cottage and a friend sent through a photo a couple of weeks ago of one of the glitter dressmaking dummies sitting in her kitchen. I checked this morning to see if there was a word for 'glitter phobia' (type in glitter phobia name'), suggestions came up included 'sparkalaphobia' but I liked the person who suggested 'loonacy' (sic). A little or a lot, glitter is just great (except when I keep knocking over jars of the stuff and watch it being trampled into the rug). I used to buy the stuff by the kilogram and by the 5 kilo bag. Miss l'Uccello has special real silver coated glitter, the high quality 'uncut' stuff, no filler or additives there.
I think the only no-no with glitter is that it should never appear on the skin of anyone over 18.

Glitter, it's not a dirty word.


  1. I don't have a position on glitter, but these year for the first time ever tinsel is setting my teeth on edge. It looks too harsh and TINSELLY in the blazing sun - our Christmas tree is tinsel free this year. I like tinsel in the Nothern hemisphere when it's so dark, really works Up There. Tinsel at night here is ok. Gosh but I am getting fussy/peculiar about things as I age.


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