Thursday, 29 December 2011


I got the bread baking bug yesterday, a nice crusty loaf of rye/white sourdough.  I'm happy with this loaf, it's not perfect but it's yum. I love a good bit of rye toast with honey, Tasmanian CWA creamed honey in this case with Pepe Saya handmade butter, I know, I'm such a wanker.
Today I ventured out to Bunnings, felt like I needed a good nap when I got home. I now have some supplies to start work on the screen door and a bit of painting. I better get motivated, there's a lot to do in the shop, packing Xmas away and moving things about. I do need to factor in an afternoon nap here and there too, I actually haven't had one yet, just a little sleep in now and then.

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