Friday, 16 December 2011


I'm running horrendously late now. When I woke the computer this morning the dictionary screensaver said 'irksome', perhaps it can be a new form of horoscope, interpret it as you will.
I managed to turn my phone to silent and lose it in the bedclothes after a friend texted this morning at a time that is early for me and not so early for a farmer's wife.
I fell back into that deep weird morning sleep that you wake from feeling disorientated and crusty.
I managed to get three things on the manila luggage tag list done yesterday, bunting, lavender bags and wheat bags and also finished a few more tea towel cushions as an added bonus, yay for me. Now I need to sort a few things out here and get off to the studio quick sticks.
Photo shoot #1 happened last night, props for photo shoot #2 go out this afternoon. I really dislike this time of the year for the sheer level of intensity it carries. No time to catch up on anything. Like going to buy a new pair of jeans because the arse has fallen out of your non-repaired pair and you have no time to even patch them, let alone patch your two patched pairs (try saying that after a couple of sherries!). You know what I mean..... frantic.
Anyway instead of blathering I should bugger off and get things sorted out.
I'll try and be more together in my next post.
And definitely less irksome (both to you and to myself).

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