Wednesday, 7 December 2011


You can always tell if I'm a bit over stretched at this time of year- I start baking. In this case I have developed an addiction to perfecting a decent loaf of sourdough. A fair chunk of this little loaf was devoured with my other addiction, artisan butter, slathered on the top.
I managed to get a chunk of today in the studio but I can't say with any confidence that anything worthy actually came out of. I did grade the scarf dress pattern which was a bit of a bugger to get my head around. I played with a new design but really how could something so simple be so hard to do?! I'm out of condition!
It was a bit crazed in the shop today and I am warning you if you are hankering for a satchel for Xmas you better get your skates on, we are already out of some colours/sizes. We've now entered the end of the year count down and I really should be getting myself in gear to finish a few things, I've left a good deal of things to the last minute.

And I keep forgetting- we will be open from noon until 4pm for the next two Sundays. Please visit!

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  1. I think bread and butter is my favourite meal. hope the Christmas gremlins are behaving themselves x


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