Monday, 5 December 2011

cockatoo too

Why is it that on a Sunday when I can sleep in and I end up awake before 8am and on a Monday when I should be up and out I am still lolling about under the covers? It probably didn't help this morning that when I did come upright for the first time I had a splitting headache arcing over my left eye. My head went back on the pillow after that rude awakening. Jethro, who always likes a good lie in, did his nagging best to get me out of bed, not for any food related reasons but because he knows which days are work days and which are for snoozing and lazing.
I don't seem to be getting very far today. We have an extremely large shipment of satchels sitting out at Fedex in Derrimut and I am working out whether I can strap 4 quite big boxes to my Nissan Pulsar to get them back here today. It's like waiting to unwrap your presents at Xmas, I just can't wait! Three in the back, one on the roof rack? Two in the back, two on the roof? Hmmmm.
Talking of presents, I've been lusting after one of the Heico cockatoo lamps ever since I first spied them. I should have snaffled one from Alison at Markit but it all seemed to busy and crazy. Of course it worked its way into my brain and by last Monday I had ordered one. He's my treat to myself for doing Markit and getting stock to TDF Open House. Here he is talking to plaster cocky, I love him.

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