Thursday, 15 December 2011

before midnight

I actually forced myself to go to bed before 11pm last night, rather than the usual after midnight, and I have to say it was worth it. I drifted about in SleepyLand® and although Jethro mewed and stomped on me a few times I managed to pretty much get a good night's snooze. I am looking forward to the morning I get to sleep in until afternoon.....
I've actually written a list of things I need to get made, it is small and is on a manila shipping tag. Bunting, wheat bags and a couple of other things that have slipped my mind now. I have a photo shoot in the shop tonight after work (quite amusing- we only knew about the article when the photographer rang to make a time and then yesterday the writer turned up out of the blue) and I have to get the bunting done and all the props together for another shoot that's happening on Monday. All of this at crunching Xmas time too.
I forgot to say I've made more Indigo tops and they are in the shop, lovely indigo, coral and white prints in this batch. I need to sort more tea towel cushions too, hmmm, better get dressed and off to the studio me thinks. I might have more interesting things to report tomorrow...... perhaps not.

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