Wednesday, 29 February 2012

would computers work better with a squirt of wd40?

I'm trying to be calm.
I'm trying not to take a sledge hammer to the computer.
I am trying not to call Powerdirect and tell them how annoyed with them that the blackout on Friday appears to have f*cked with my computer.
I don't seem to be able to open any programme that isn't one that came with the computer. No Adobe, no Word, no MYOB.
Very, very weird, very, very annoying.
Anyway the tech is booked for this afternoon. On the phone even he is saying 'that's strange'. Never a good omen. Or it could be one of those really simple things fixed in a trice. Haha ha ha.
I managed to lose all of yesterday between answering emails, finding the computer was definitely rooted and thinking that I had a meeting last night which is actually tonight. Time keeps on slipping, slipping into the... past.
I think I am better with machinery that has little holes where I can squirt oil in.
I'm off to the studio to see if I can squeeze a couple of hours of work in.
Wish me luck.

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