Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I'm all over the place. I can't settle. A stream of late night emails last night have made matters even worse. Let's say getting to sleep was hard last night, the dreams were annoying and then someone forgot to set the alarm. All in all not a great way to start the day. This satchel order is going to send me over the edge!
The studio is draped in Welsh blankets, my own padded room you might say. I have a desire to make them all into cushion just so I can see mountainous piles of gorgeous pattern and colour. There isn't quite enough room in the shop for us to store them all though and we have a strict rota that we must sell some before I move more in, we would be pleasantly smothered under an avalanche of tapestry cushions otherwise.
Apparently this Autumnal weather we are having is making people look at quilts. I've moved them all around and we are displaying fresh ones on the wall and in the window. Every time we hang a new one we are amazed by their pretty colour combinations. I love the thought of the cooler months creeping in, the Cottage is far more productive then.
I seem to be juggling emails, phone calls and internet searches this morning. Some days are like that I suppose- and all before breakfast! Do I have any toastable bread in the house I wonder.......

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  1. I love those welsh blankets, the colourways are always so unexpected. Is there meaning behind them like tartan? The new tapestry cushions are amaaaaazing.


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