Friday, 3 February 2012

holidaying in the nong

A journey to The Nong is always like having a mini holiday full of exotic sights and smells. There is the supermarket that sells fresh Islander food, the Indian ladies now running all the op shops (always a good sign when the volunteer nationalities starts reflecting an area) and of course a visit to my favourite big sub-continent  grocery store where it is fun just to cruise around ogling the products. Like a 10kg bag of Tilda basmati, apparently, according to the sticker, it has been genetically tested to make sure it is 'pure'. So many different types of riceness to choose from!

And cordials and juices with excellent labels. No 'Mangola' though. Mmmmmangola! Mangola nectar in a bottle, tropical sunshine in glass.

There was even fun over at the disposal store, digitally printed woodland hunting suits! I am quite tempted to buy one of the jackets.......
I must photograph some of yesterday's op shop finds for you. Quite amusing.
Sometimes even a little change of scenery can be good for the soul.

For the rest of the day I got stuck into cushions in the studio. We have the start of a new run of Welsh blanket cushions, green and raspberry similar to some last year but a bit softer in tone and a fabulous  brown, like the colour of packet chocolate cake mix, mixed up with teal, celery green, coral, rose pink and lavender-y purple....... crazy but really beautiful.
Errands again this morning and then into the studio.
Better get a move on.

*Satchel update- they will be leaving UK early next week so we should have them the week after. One lonely 15" fluoro yellow satchel in the window looking for a new home. All together now.... how much is that satchel in the window the one with the waggily strap.......


  1. lol pen, that would make such a great cosmetic color name - "packet cake"

  2. can you tell what or where is the nong? thanks

  3. 'The Nong' is Dandenong, a suburb in the south east of Melnourne. Affectionately known as Dandy or the Nong.

  4. that should read 'Melbourne'

  5. yes i know dandenong....just never known it called "the nong". sounded like another country. thanks.....


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