Tuesday, 28 February 2012

sunday too far away

Howdy all.
Sorry for the lack of posts but I've been busy/recovering from being busy.
I flew up to Sydney on Sunday to go to the gift fairs that were on over the weekend. A dreadful early morning wake up and I was in Sydney by 8.30am. Luckily Miss L'Uccello was on the same flight and we shared a taxi to the first destination. Funnily enough everyone I went to Sydney to see was from Melbourne! I think I spent most of the time at Life Instyle just running into and chatting to people I know!
Then I went off to the big scary gift fair, by the courtesy bus to the massive ugly Convention Centre. Not much to see although my favourite stand, which I wish I could have photographed, was my favourite for all the wrong reasons..... they were selling those electric sand 'painting', lit from behind dribbling sand forming landscape-sque patterns and the sales man.... oh my! Catweazle wearing a mismatched suit of fawn corduroy, flared trousers and all! It made my day! Sadly I don't think he was making many sales.
Anyway I got the fairs done pretty quickly and had far too much time left until my flight back and not enough time to do anything. I have to admit Sydney just isn't my favourite place to be, I never have a really enjoyable time there, perhaps it's the humidity. There were shops and things I should have made an effort to get to but I went to a Greek festival and ate haloumi instead, I wandered about, I watched teenagers dance and 'sing' to Asian pop in Pitt St Mall (highlight of my day) and generally mooched about until it was time to catch the train to the airport.
Stupidly I was booked on a Virgin flight back and the lack of legroom meant I ended up with my left leg jammed up into my sore hip and lower back for a flight that should have been 1 hour that stretched to just under 2 hours. The thunderstorms over Melbourne meant we circled over Mt Bulla for about 1/2 an hour and then did a long loop over Melbourne- which was actually fabulous, the city all lit up and every familiar landmark easy to pick out, the very best part of a painful day.
So yesterday I spent not answering emails or doing anything important but lying around stretching my legs and back and reading a book. Kind of making my Monday a Sunday. The downside is I now have a logjam of emails to be sorted. I think I may have to stay home and get them done. I really am floundering in procrastination at the moment.
I have a strange feeling I used a similar photo last time I reported on a trip to Sydney. Funny that.

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