Saturday, 4 February 2012

oh! oh! oh!

Hot off the presses- and the sewing machine- the start of our new range of cushions!
I've been hanging out with Michelle and Jacqui down at Frankie and Swiss watching the big digital Florence zoom backwards and forwards across some fabric. It's a project I was hoping to start last year but everything got tied up and Xmas just swept us away but finally we've got things happening. We needed a way to use our tapestry finds that extended them from just our beautiful ottomans. Of course since we started using them the prices on them have skyrocketed, which funnily always happens when we produce new work. The scarf incident of a few years ago was the first time this happened and still makes me laugh. I was at an op shop in darkest outer Melbourne buying some scarves and the lady behind the counter told me that some woman was going around buying up scarves- I realised it was me. So far it has been the same with tea-towels, wool blankets, doilies, tapestries..... it's an interesting study in supply and demand.

There will be a couple of different themes in the range but first we had a play with 'tapestry' (of course!) and 'portrait'. We are playing with size and the print quality at the moment and I'm loving the supersized stitch ones. This is going to be fun! Now I need to get onto photographing every tapestry I own! I'm also on the look out for 1950s style oil portraits and florals, perhaps even some dodgy landscapes, if you have any lying about let me know!

I ripped out the last of the Summer window display last night and did a new one based around the first 5 cushions. I didn't get a chance to photograph it last night and the glare is too great at the moment to get a snap so you will just have to look at the photos I took in a hurry in the studio late yesterday. The cushions are backed in our lovely Swedish linen and have stripy ticking piping (left over from my other life consulting to Country Road).

There is so much possibility.......

This is going to be fun.....


  1. And now we know what the hottest ticket in interior design will be for 2012! Just brilliant I'll have eleven.

  2. oo lovely! I have a great orange beach sunset scene I could photograph for you!


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