Friday, 17 February 2012


Look we have a trolley for the satchels!
It doesn't hold all of them but it can fit most of them.
By the end of yesterday I was a total mess, my brain was fried and I could feel my hips and back aching from carting huge boxes upstairs. At one stage I thought it was 5pm when it was actually 3pm and I had great difficulty stringing words together to answer questions, the culmination of lead-up stress and physical exhaustion. Even though I spent hours marking off stock it took me ages to realise we had 3 colour/sizes of the order missing..... it wasn't until Dell asked me to go get them that the lightbulb pinged on, luckily someone around here was functioning on all cylinders!
Jethro let me sleep in this morning, I needed it and thankfully it was a cooler night. I could quite happily be still in bed. After spending yesterday morning sneezing, hot and sweaty from lugging boxes and then soaked when I went out to get reward crepes in the thunderstorm I expected to wake with a full blown cold but no, I'm fine. Damn. Sometimes you just want an excuse to collapse into bed and it just doesn't eventuate!
I'm not sure what to do with myself today. I don't think the studio is an option, I'm too satchel-jumpy. Perhaps I might pop out to get supplies I need to finish other jobs. Yes, that might be an idea. And catch up on emails and phone calls, fix the online shop, work out postage rates to the Rest of the World..... It never ends around here.


  1. am so enjoying the cool breeze blowing in through all the open doors and windows!

  2. Oh Claude those satchels are bothersome, probably being as they come from Cambridge - far be it from me to cast apsersions but I am an Oxford girl... Hope the MIA's show up! Hope you have a marvelous weekend, are you shop girl?

    Sarah -x-


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