Monday, 20 February 2012


I went for a walk yesterday to the City to buy some mugs, I keep dropping them from the height of about 2" onto the concrete floor in the shop and snapping the handles off. I marvelled that Myers could leave the façade of their old building but knock down one of the last Art Deco buildings in Melbourne (it would be on the right of the photo just out of shot) and that they could refurbish the Bourke Street building and install a huge cone of dead space through the middle with glassed partitions rimmed in chrome all smeared with greasy fingerprints and a bar/café on every floor to 'enhance' the shopping experience. I wonder if they are the only part making money because the service is non-existant in all the other departments.
It was muggy and humid but you can tell that the Earth has slipped that little bit and Autumn is close, that Melbourne Autumn haze is there in the afternoons and evenings and the magnolia leaves have started to turn. They don't do anything spectacular, just turn the colour of a Manila folder and then Kraft brown paper and drop off. How pretty those branches are through Winter though, the little furry buds will swell and then in the dreariest part of the year they will pop open spectacularly and we will know Spring is here.

My plans for the morning have all been shifted about and now I am feeling a bit topsy, not quite sure what I should be doing and when. Mondays are my Sundays in a way and I often find it hard to settle to anything. I always have places to be but they are rarely the studio on a Monday. Today's 9.30 is now 10.30 so I need to move stuff around in my head and make a plan on where and what I need to do. I should probably stop dawdling and musing.

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  1. oh pen, I don't have the heart to take a pic of that...I didn't think much of it, but I walked past a few months back and it hit me...all of those childhood pilgrimages to myer and the visits to the roof top made me so sad...


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