Saturday, 11 February 2012

the carrot and the stick

I was really hoping that this morning I could shout from the rooftops that the satchel shipment was on it's way...... but no, still no movement on that front even though I got the email saying they would be going out last night.
It's ready, it's boxed, it's waiting, I'm waiting, a whole book full of people are waiting but... no.
The only way I've managed to handle the stress of the last few weeks has been viewing it through a pair of charcoal pessimistic glasses. It's a philosophical method of making sure the top of my head doesn't blow off. It goes like this. An optimist is always let down by hoping for the best, when it doesn't happen or doesn't happen quite to their expectations then they are sorely let down, whilst a pessimist is either pleasantly surprised that it all went well or is confirmed in their view that it wasn't going to happen anyway. The first is a win/lose situation and the second a win/win. So I went to bed last (bloody time difference) thinking if it does happen that will be great but what do you want to bet it doesn't eventuate. Sure enough, I waited to check my emails, no confirmation email from the couriers. A big sigh, a calculation that I will have to wait until Monday night to find out what the freakin' hell happened and another week apologising to people as to why the satchels still haven't arrived. As they say.... 'it is beyond my control'.
On the 'stock we do have' front I've made a new batch of 'hottie' wheat bags, some new stripy zip purse and we would have had new denim Lettie dresses in store today but I washed them last night (we always wash our lightweight denim garments before they go instore) and hung them outside and it bucketed down rain early this morning so they are now soaking wet again. Expect them next week.
As we have a photo of carrots today I just want to ask has anyone seen that Coles ad about 'we don't freeze or thaw any of our vegetables' and could you explain it to me? I don't know of any business that would sell frozen and thawed vegetables, they would be weird mush (the vegetables not the business) and I am starting to think that Coles should sack their advertising agency if this is the crap they are coming up with. If the situation with the satchels hasn't popped my head this ad may very well do it. I'm even wondering if they can be pulled up by the advertising standards group for sprouting a whole lotta baloney. Coles definitely doesn't need the carrot they need a good sharp slap with the stick. Rant of the morning over.
Shopgirl Saturday. I'm about to choose some fleece colours to spin today but I would much rather be busy with customers. Did I tell you there are new patched denim cushions in the Cottage too? Well  there are. made from some of the leftover quilt lengths. There is also a lovely baby quilt made from the linen glass cloth/tablecloth quilting as well.... yes it was found on the cutting table and has been washed up and is lovely. New handspun yarn went out the other day too, I've been trying to get ahead on that front before Autumn arrives although looking at the rain splattered front window I am thinking it might already be here. There is no point starting to knit in the midst of Winter, you need to start now to be ready for when the cold really strikes.
And there is lovely new vintage lampbase in and hopefully the new pianola shades will be delivered by the end of today.
See, we have lots of new bits and pieces in the Cottage.
Sadly no satchels.
Soon my lovelies, soon.

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  1. The frozen vegetable statement is a cracker. It's the sort of thing "The Gruen transfer" program has an absolute field day with when unpicking advertising. But truly, you're right, who seriously would be dumb enough to think freezing potatoes or tomatoes would be a practice?


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