Thursday, 23 February 2012


Running late again. Slept in again.
I had a bit of a melt down yesterday, got back to the shop and burst into tears. The pain in my back and hips coupled with the excruciating (stress?) headaches finally tipped me over the edge. Normally when my back really plays up I just keep moving but this time a night's rest seems to ease it all off a bit. Then of course by the afternoon things have tightened up a bit again and by the evening I am just flat as a tack.
Anyway enough about my stupid back issues.
There are some denim Lettie size 1 in the shop along with the denim Harvest smocks. A new batch of our lovely Art Viva spotty knitting needles arrived on Tuesday. There is a whole pile of satchels I'd really like to sell..... and best of all next week is Autumn so I have an excuse to start dyeing gloves and and pulling out all the woolly stuff!
I've a photo shoot booked for tomorrow to get all the images of our new cushion range under way and we'll sneak in a few product shots too hopefully. I'm in love with these crazed Spanish themed tapestries, I have a third flamenco one and I think they all came from the same house, that would have been some decor to see!
Anyway I better get moving. Things to do today and a doctor's appointment to fit in. Hopefully after that I will be less pain-full-y moody than I have been and a lot more interesting to read.


  1. Shheeesh! Back pain is the worst! Voltaren gel is myvery best friend when mine lets me down. Not that I'm in to Andrew Gaze or anything, it's the only thing that helps. So chin up buttercup. Go hit the pharmacy.. sending loads of positive vibes your way x Ha the authentication word is Drabo!

  2. Yes, remember we all love you and your honesty Miss Pen Pen. Hope the back eases soon... maybe a physio? They might be able to help with strengthening other areas to help the injured parts cope...

  3. And by the way, those tapestries are HOT HOT HOT!


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