Wednesday, 15 February 2012

blue bayou

It was all about the denim today. My hands turned darkest blue and my nails are still indigo even after being scrubbed numerous times. There is now a lovely batch of denim 'Harvest' smocks hanging out on the line, they should be dry soon. I'm a bit behind on these smocks, I've been promising Anna I would get them done for quite some time, but today the gather foot worked a treat and the stars were in alignment. 
I have more to do and I also need to get the rest of the denim Lettie dresses done as well. The denim is so dark that I like to do them all in a batch otherwise there is just too much cleaning up to be done. Not only my hands but the sewing machine and the ironing board. Once they are washed they just start fading down nicely, I can't believe how faded my smock is, it is from the first batch so has been through the washing machine quite a bit. Denim is lovely, the way it carries its story about. 
I forgot to let you know that there is new stuff in the shop. A big batch of pianola shades arrived on Monday night, a few new black Frida tops are in, I've pulled some afghans out of the cupboard and we have a stunning huge black bordered and bright coloured bedspread sized one going in store tomorrow. 
I'll have to get up early tomorrow to finish sorting out the shop, I've been moving stuff about.... we have a huge day tomorrow.......

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