Friday, 24 February 2012

polly wants a disco cookie! arrrcckkh!

Thanks everyone for the lovely letting-me-grizzle comments. The doctor has done a world of good (she's a great GP who has looked after me from just before The Accident and knows I only make an appointment if things are really bad) and knocking back a valium last night seems to have helped a bit- I can see all you holistics rolling your eyes and looking heavenward but really sometimes pharmaceuticals are the only way to go!
Running a little earlier today but not much! I'm grabbing the last of the tapestries I need for the  photo shoot and I'll be stealing a few Welsh tapestry cushions from the shop today as well. They will be back in tonight with some extra new ones if you come in looking for these beauties. I've also finally put out the new 'Stella' print skirts. And I quickly changed the shop window last night, fluoro satchels have made a reappearance and I've added denim Harvest smock and quilted denim cushions to the mix and a giant afghan throw as a backdrop.
It's heading up to 34ºC today and the Rosamund, Lettie and Frida dresses are all perfect for the weather we are going to expect over the next few days. March is always hot here in Melbourne, oh bring on Autumn I say, the evenings will hopefully be cooler and the long hazy light seems to take the edge off the heat.
Better run.

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