Monday, 6 February 2012

just blew in from the windy city...

...and the windy city is mighty gritty. I ventured out yesterday and came back covered in tram sand grit. It was quite fun taking the tram a little further than my usual route, wandering around the trade fair, hopping back on the tram, taking a short purposeful wander around the city and then coming back home to papers and buckets of tea. To hole up against the crazy wind and smell the rain before it even got here, then watch as the sky cleared, washed blue and shining, ready for the laundry to be hung out.
I've treated myself to boiled eggs (were meant to be soft but ended up hard boiled) and sourdough soldiers this morning, I had that feeling of contented tummy and a brain firing on all cylinders, sadly that last bit is wearing off a little now. I've decided to try and get all those emails and bills that have been hanging over my head out of the way this morning. We have a big week coming next week and I nearly fell out of bed on Saturday morning when I got the email. Our Cambridge Satchel order is about to be sent and it is huge. We may have to build a fort out the front of the shop from all the boxes when they arrive. It's going to be a crazy, crazy time unpacking all those boxes! And now the weather forecast in Britain is saying that shipments will probably be slowed right down so I am sure most of next week I will be pacing around like an expectant father.

A few quick snaps of the window display. The new-ish plate glass is a right bugger to photograph around! I need to get a shot at night with the glare not quite so bad. The new cushions are gracing the window. I have a serious amount of work that needs to get done, I look around the shop and can't quite believe the holes everywhere. Luckily we have lovely Welsh blanket cushions and vintage linen cushions to fill a few spots.
Well I better get those bills paid and a few more emails sent off.

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