Thursday, 2 February 2012

the hunting of the snark

I stayed up late last night, accidentally, in email conversation with Cambridge Satchels. More satchels being added to the order- it's killing me waiting for the Fedex confirmation of shipment email but at least there are more satchels ending up in the boxes. This shipment is going to take over the shop! Fingers crossed it goes out tonight, we might get it by next Friday then...... Oh and I've relented and am getting in a small batch of batchels. You can't say I don't fold to customer pressure.
I had a little turn yesterday afternoon, the day was going so well and then I got snarky and upset. You know how it is.... someone said something/did something/didn't do something and you just feel like hissing and spitting and growling from inside your bear cave. I'm annoyed with myself for behaving snarkily and ashamed that I can't pull my head in even when I knew I was doing it. Sometimes the steam just builds up, perhaps a whistle on top of one's head would be good. A big steam whistle. It could let off steam and warn people to stay away. Perfect.
I'm off to glamorous Dandenong soon. Dear S.J.- 'Dandenong' isn't the same as 'the Dandenongs', the Nongs are leafy hills with nice views and Dandy is an outer suburb with great Indian shops and a colourful multicultural mix. Perhaps I'll sneak in a visit to Savers whilst I'm out there! I must remember to clear all the tapestries out of the back of the car before I leave.
I have lots of good things on the boil here (carrying on the steam metaphor) and I'll probably start complaining in a month that there is too much going on. I think I'm in the limbo that always happens at this time of year, the holiday season in all its manifestations is over, the change of seasons has quite started and part of me wants to get a big broom and sweep everything out to start anew. Did you know yesterday was the 4th anniversary of getting the key to the shop? That might explain it all.

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