Saturday, 25 February 2012

hot hot heat

38ºC they say it will be today. The supermarket was already pumping, people getting the supplies in before the heat cranks up. The Maggie Beer passionfruit icecream was at its perfect consistency when I got home and I have to admit I scooped a couple of spoonfuls before it went into the freezer.
Shopgirl today which means the fan will be directed at me, me, me. The power went off yesterday afternoon and we all sat around in the dark, we offered customers flashlights and luckily the eftpos machine is mobile so we can use it when the power is down and we already had frozen lime drinks from Sonido to keep us cool (spiked with ginger beer). Obviously someone had used more than their fair share of electricity...... Wonder if we will get a letter from the power company like last time. I also wonder whether they will charge us for sending the letter out 'apologising' for the outrage of the outage.
Enough musings for the day.
I'm still dozy from the battle of wills with Jethro at 6am. His first manoeuvre was to tickle my tummy with his tail. He then ramped it up to licking my hand prior to biting it, climbing on the bedside table to knock stuff off and attacking the iPhone..... I relented when I realised I had forgotten to put the rest of his food out last night so I deserved the abuse and after a snack we both fell back into bed for a morning snooze.
Oh well, I better go and do my Saturday morning chores. Hope you have a cool dark peaceful day.

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