Thursday, 9 February 2012

dust bunny

I felt in the mood to clean today. So there was vacuuming and more vacuuming and unearthing things I had almost forgotten about. The wind last Sunday must have howled through the studio windows and there was grit and dandelion fairies everywhere.
I must be feeling a bit more together. Some people need to clean to feel better, I need to feel better to start cleaning and sorting. The whole point of the clean was to make a dint in the piles of crud on the cutting table. I made my way through the piles, chopped scraps up, filed stuff away, tossed out bits that I really can't use.

Look! I have a cutting table! (That needs a new top.)

And in the midst of doing all this I spent 2 hours hanging around the bank waiting for a cleared cheque to be OK-ed. That was a bit boring. Now I am waiting for an email. Sometimes life is all about the waiting, learning patience I suppose. This week's stressful juggling has been hard and now that I have practised a bit of cleaning I need to get in gear and do a big job on home/shop. I might go and meditate for a while.

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