Wednesday, 22 February 2012

flower in the attic

I slept in. I'm running really late.
It's going to be a day that never quite catches up I think.
I hit the painkillers last night for my back and hip and I slept deep. I was so sore and flat and sad from the pain last night I couldn't see anything bright and shiny ahead. Hmmmmph. The hip isn't quite so bad today. Odd dreams about being on the Spirit of Tasmania and losing my car because I couldn't remember which level it was on (stop laughing Ramona, think you inspired that after the carpark on Monday night!), thankfully it wasn't an angsty dream just lots of trudging back and forth.
I really should go now.
This is the back of my place, I love how it looks. Look closely though, we're being watched. (Zoom in.)

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  1. When we were walking from the gallery to your place up Fitzroy street on Sat. I was enchanted by the old windows/chimney pots/little sneaky views of buildings. I wished I'd had my camera, especially for the chimney pots.


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