Tuesday, 7 February 2012

i can dream

I've slept in, I'm running horrendously late, I meant to post this yesterday, I should be at the studio by now.
I've waited months to see this episode of Grand Designs and finally Sunday night it was on. Freddie Robins and Ben Coode-Adams 500 year old barn conversion. Freddie is a textile based artist whose work I much admire, it's conceptual, it's funny, at times kind of gross and kitsch and technically beautifully made.

This conversion is just heart in mouth beautiful to me. It's huge and it's amazingly realised, look at the bones of the place showing through! I sobbed like a toddler at the end of the episode. I know it's not in every one's taste but as Kevin said it is the product of two makers who knew what they were doing. You could just tell how excited Kevin was! Inspiring! To me it is the epitome of living in craft, bring William Morris around for a cuppa and I think he would totally get what they have achieved.

And yes I want Freddie's library/studio!


  1. I must watch this one on catch-up. Despite loving Kev I've gone off the show a bit - so many stupid wankers with far too much money building monuments to themselves with their statement houses! I sit their and psychoanalyse them. But I like the sound of this one. My favourite is still Ben Law the woodsmans house.

  2. Such an inspirational reno, I would move in tomorrow. Glad they kept the bones of the barn.
    I just love Kevin!

  3. yeah, library girl, that woodsman one was amazing. I just watch a few every now and again, it's about all I can handle (and I'm an Interior Designer!!) This one sounds like my Friday night is all sorted with iView...


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