Sunday, 12 February 2012

sorting sunday

Quite a bit of sorting and cleaning got done today. Things got moved about, a pile from over here got moved to over there, stuff got stacked on the table, some vacuuming was done, things got put in boxes. It seems like today was a 'home day' for so many people I know, perhaps it was the weather. I had a little helpmate, Jethro feels he has not appeared on the blog enough lately so today we are having a cat-photo overload, poser!

I have so many boxes and trays full of papers that need to be sorted and filed. I need another table I think just for the laying out of stuff. The old sideboard will have to be dragged downstairs in the next couple of days but at least it is now possible- yes I have cleaned everything off the stairs! the stairs were a cross between a midden and a death trap but now they are just dusty (ah the joys of having a cat covered in fairy fluff fur!).

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  1. God I loooooove seeing other people's bookshelves! like crack to an addict...


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