Thursday, 1 March 2012

autumn days

What a week this has been.
I've been in pain and laid up, travelled to Sydney and back, the computer has had to go into hospital and we've had no landline (so no phone and no internet), I've been juggling money and bills and all the general day to day things when you live a life surrounded by your business. Really, a dozen spanners in the works, one thing after another. Sitting and tapping on my computer is a painful operation but at least the machine is back and the internet is streaming again.
I have been so looking forward to Autumn and here it is, March has clicked over in a haze of angst and frustration- please let things go a bit smoother from now on! February is a strange month. The news is on TV and the stories are all about the rain and the flooding, we really are having a 'funny' old weather time, drought and flooding rains indeed.
After spending most of the morning, which should have been spent in the studio instead of hanging on the mobile to Telstra, I finally got to the studio at midday and worked so hard to get some work finished. We are desperately low in tea towel cushions but we have inserts arriving tomorrow and there will be lots in for the weekend now. We've also got a new batch of Welsh blanket cushions happening too.
I think it might be time for bed. I'm having trouble stringing words together. I'm tempted to sit propped up in bed and sip my way through a mug of tea. The warmth will send me off to sleep but the liquid will have me up in a few hours for a wee! It's going to be an early morning tomorrow and hopefully I won't get stuck sorting out some annoying technological problem, I'm starting to get a little paranoid!

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