Friday, 16 March 2012


When we did Markit at Fed Square last year a woman came up the stall and said rather abruptly to me (at me) 'so Pene Durston, not making stuff from vintage fabrics anymore then?!'. I was quite shocked at her presumption and she went on to tell me she was still using vintage fabrics. Well as you know I still make product from vintage fabrics (quite a lot of product) but we have always included a mix of new and old at the Cottage and we have always been upfront about the line between real vintage and re-pro. 
When the Cottage first started out I had a wishlist of things that I really wanted to get my hands on to stock. It has always been about a 'curated' list, things that I love, things that I would want to own, things that inspire me. We've got glass domes, favourite books, work by our lovely country ladies, Jim's knitting needles, vintage silk spinning bobbins.... and now the tin toy delivery has arrived! 
Jethro was excited (he chased a wind-up car through the shop last night and retrieved a train when it shot behind the wooden trunk), Dell was very excited and I have a whole pile of stock to price! We've got some little tinnies for Easter, rabbits, chicks, roosters and a very cute blue bird, and then we have a cars and trains, boats and spaceships. I think the real favourites are the monkeys though, oh and the elephant and ball, and the sawing lumberjacks and the man pushing the box (I must get a photo of him, he has a tattoo on his arm). Just where in hell are we going to put it all??


  1. oooooh TIN TOYS!
    stop making me spend my money, woman!
    Easter tinnies - gahhh!!!

  2. Oh my Lordy lord, I looooooove tin toys. Well curated cottage as per usual!


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