Thursday, 8 March 2012

pegged out

I'm still just puddling about, trying to avoid some work and starting new projects. I feel like I need to have a damn good shake, rather like a dog, or a really good catty stretch. Hmm, that stretch actually sounds like a grand idea, I must remember to do it as I wake up lying in bed.
There was a battle of wills around here this morning, my housemate wanted food and I wanted sleep, so he preceded to knock everything off the bedside table bit by bit. Including a 3/4 full 1.25 litre mineral water bottle. This went on for an hour with him devising new plans to annoy me and me rolling over and giving the cold shoulder. It's quite fun really. We both had a nap for 20 minutes at the end and then I got up and fed him. I feel a little guilty as Jethro really was very hungry and he never asks for food out of boredom or greed (unlike myself).
I'm off to the studio for a couple of hours then I have to be back for a press meet and greet with lovely Dani from A Vintage Outing via Hidden Secrets Tours. It amuses me when people think that having a business like mine, making stuff, just involves wafting around a studio fiddling with bits of fabrics. Yesterday was spent driving around, grubbing in warehouses, talking to old skool suppliers, screaming at couriers (then having a nice chat with couriers), dragging around 40kg of wheat, emailing customers in USA that their order has been posted, making Dell tea, going out to buy a Dremel (mmm, power tools, oh this will be fun!), measuring up a new cutting table top....... really doing everything but fiddling with fabric.
There are deadlines looming however and I must stop dragging my feet.
See you later!

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