Tuesday, 13 March 2012

bird in the hand

A stop-start type of day today. Started well, ground to a halt, re-started, took a left hand turn, then a right, chugged along again. The plan had been for more cleaning and sorting but emails got in the way and a general feeling of ennui crept in and then I took the step of postponing this week's photo shoot until next week. I'm not a postponer or plan changer so it was a big step for me to make the call but the right step. I just don't have the energy to finish sorting and to lug it downstairs and out to the car (and after last week's thievery I wasn't happy about leaving it all in the hatchback until the morning).
My lack of focus is probably due in part to the mixture of sore-as-hell hip and today's anniversary of the accident that has giving me these aches and pains. I'm moving very slowly today. Creaking and creeping. I seem to lose days so easily but I am trying to remind myself that not all my work is about being in the studio, it is something I have to keep reminding myself about.
I got to play Portlandia 6 Degrees of Separation on Saturday morning when Mary Timony from Wild Flag dropped into the shop. Had it been Carrie Brownstein I think I would have died from embarrassment, stick a bird on it indeed. Portlandia, northern Melbourne, it's all a bit squirmingly close, crafty, coffee-ist, hilarious. Here's my favourite bit.

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  1. Portlandia is just GOLD.
    It is so sly...


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