Saturday, 24 March 2012

autumnal saturday

Bit of a late running morning here. Another bad nights sleep and this means everything gets a little pear shaped until we get to 11am and the shop opens and we reset the day again. Running out to get supplies this morning and the definite feeling that Autumn is here, the little kids at footy training on the oval at Edinburgh Gardens, the greyhound being walked wearing a green knitted onesie or perhaps it was a 'thneed' (and on that note, do you feel as creeped out by 'The Lorax' ads on TV as I do?), the first of the Fuji apples at the greengrocer, the little girl who asked me if I knew whose birthday it was tomorrow- her's- and that it was at the Zoo, the strange yet familiar feeling of de ja vu as I walked along, yes, it is Autumn in old Melbourne Town.

I got a few Welsh blanket cushions done yesterday before I ran out of the right coloured zips. There are a few new colourways and designs in store. I also made up a batch of 'hot water' wheat bags, I thought we might be needing them, new flannelette fabrics too. And I picked up our new run of shop postcards, a bit of a four-legged theme this time! Mare and foal, stag and does and a Pierrot and horse (although it looks like it should be a unicorn!).

Better get the day underway I suppose. I'm quite looking forward to a big sleep in tomorrow although I must set aside some time to get all our new Winter woollies priced and out in the shop. If you are looking for me today I'll be the one behind the counter spinning yarn whilst wearing a top made from depression era quilts..... I seem to have misplaced my mudbrick house..... although I must admit I'm rather tempted to start building a straw bale cottage.....

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