Tuesday, 6 March 2012

bobbin about

I seem to be a little AWOL at the moment.
I seem to be misplacing things.
I also spent yesterday unpacking boxes, which of course means lovely new things in the shop today. Bobbins, bobbins and more bobbins, fabulous vintage French silk spinning bobbins, I've even stashed a couple away with shiny silk thread still on them. They are from just south of Lyon, a great silk weaving city once. The farmers in the outlying areas would make extra money by raising silkworms and feeding them Mulberry leaves, selling the cocoons to the silk spinning factories that supplied the weavers. Of course it's not like that now, now the factories are sold off and we end up with a couple of boxes of silk bobbins at the Cottage. History. C'est la vie.
Now it is March and things are happening again after the lull that is February, the month when everything is slow and annoying and faintly sad and frustrating. It's late morning, I've been out and back and boxed up orders to go out and now better get moving again, I need to hit the post office and go to a meeting and feel like I can cross a few things off the mental list.
Did I say we have some lovely bobbins in store? Well we do. Wondering whether I should pop some on the Queens of Craft online shop. That would mean taking photos.....

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