Monday, 19 March 2012

no good tv

The dumped rubbish that appears out the back in the lane sometimes annoys me and other times amuses. Like the time that the people on the corner moved out and set up their discarded furniture in tableaus each day- the lounge room, the laundry, the bedroom- and interestingly it would all have disappeared by the end of the day. Lately there has been a surprising number of televisions, they are dumped then someone comes along and takes them and then they reappear (like, duh, they were dumped because they no longer worked and they've sat out in the rain for a week....). Someone has suddenly got the bright idea to label them. This one amused me no end this morning.
No good TV. 
No, good TV.
No, good, TV.
You dirty no good TV.

Anyway there is no TV for me tonight, good or otherwise. I'm off to participate in Hand Eye Collective. It's free. There'll be 40 minutes of chat and 20minutes of questions. You can buy a drink and mull over creativity for a while. It starts at 6.30. Three nights of discourse. Come along!

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  1. If I wasn't cactus from the weekend S and I would come! Good luck!


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