Saturday, 31 March 2012


Ah, yes, Saturday again. And the end of another month. We are most definitely in Autumn, that slightly hazy long light and the days are drawing in. The perfect time for the woodland creatures to pop out for a scurry- OK the pink and grey galah is less 'woodland' more 'bush' but lets just go with it.

These are so small and damn cute and I just had to get them for the shop. A couple of badgers, a galah, a tired little fawn, a squirrel whose name really should be 'Nutkin' and a definite March hare all ears and twitching nose.

I think the hare would be rather nice as an Easter present.

And I know there are people out there who love squirrels- in a collecting sense not in a, you know, strange way. Although I had a very funny picture of someone in a squirrel suit on my wall for a while, a 'plushy', nudge-nudge, wink-wink , with a huge tail standing at a hotel desk booking in. I found that photo very humorous.

And fox and vixen salt and pepper shakers!
These pieces are all hand painted and really expressive. It feels like Xmas has come again at the Cottage with all the new stuff that's coming in. I think we are about due for a big re-jigging of displays and most importantly the window display. I don't know why but I have been having heaps of trouble being enthusiastic about the front window, perhaps it's because there is less and less room in the window area as we cram more and more in the shop!

Might remember last December I treated myself to a Heico cockatoo lamp- now we have them in the shop! Of all the Heico nightlights this is my absolute favourite, I love that he is about actually cockatoo size and all the detail when he is lit up. If they made a budgie version I'd be in heaven!
A new batch of the Op Shop Guide has arrived too and we are hoping the CWA Classics cook book will be back in the shop in a week.
Jeez is that the time?! I better dash! If you can't make it in and you'd like us to send you anything you see here just give us a call at the shop or email us.

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