Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Sorry for being a bit AWOL from the blog for the last few days but I've been a bit busy. Flitting here, flitting there, getting this done, not getting that done, going to meetings, stirring dyepots, tagging gloves, working in the despatch division of PenCorp... ahhh what a glamorous life this is.
I woke this morning to the hissing of gas burners outside my window. It has been an amazing hot air balloon season and I love being able to throw back the curtain and watch them float passed. 'Dreamy' as Miss Ramona often says. It's been that usual last blast of Melbourne autumnal warmth (forecast for 30ÂșC on Good Friday which is just ridiculous) but the light has been a little hazy and whilst I find a dash of melancholia to it I do love this time of year.

I'm having a little bit of a melt-down at the moment, mild and not too overwhelming, as we have Finders Keepers coming up at  the Exhibition Buildings in a couple of weeks and guess who feels very unprepared. Are you coming? What do you want me to take? Crapola, I wish it was a bit longer away. I have a wedding dress to make before then too!
The new digital cushion prints are coming off the machine at Frankie and Swiss any time now which is pretty exciting. I've chosen a huge batch of tapestries and there is some very funny ones in the collection, crying 80s Pierrots, 1970s children, bullfighters and flamenco dancers, just you wait! And hopefully there will be some purses too. I have more tapestries to photograph so it looks like this range might explode!

On the subject of Easter opening hours, we will be closed Good Friday and Easter Monday (and Easter Sunday of course but we are always closed Sundays.... except for the 20 minutes I opened for a Vintage Tour last Sunday and got flooded with people). Saturday will be as usual, 11am to 5pm. Don't forget to come in and pick up some little ceramic bunnies or tin toys for your chocophobic friends and family. If you can't make it in we can Express Post to you (if you are in the right zones) today so you will get your Easter goodies tomorrow. If you want anything sent you need to get in touch with us by phone before 3pm today so we make the post office in time.

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  1. A wedding dress! are you trialling a new line for the Cottage! do tell.


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