Monday, 30 April 2012

sunday worship, monday shipments

I do love Sundays up this end of Fitzroy.
It's so quiet and restful.
I alternated tea drinking, cassata cake making, newspaper reading until it was time to go sit in the Westgarth Street backyard for a Marriage Festival with home made sausage rolls, dog patting, blood orange soda drinking and chat.
A good way to spend a Sunday.
Now of course it's Monday and I am frittering my morning away with vacuuming, cat wrangling, lugging boxes to the car and not answering emails.
I really must stop writing these posts as lists of things done and not done (and you know how I hate lists) but I suppose it is just indicative of my days at the moment. Anyway I better get going, there is a delivery of cushion inserts due at the studio and then I am off up country to deliver 100kg+ of angora yarn to my lovely knitters. And if I'm lucky, as a treat, an op shop or two.

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  1. Hello just fallen upon your blog...Sounds like you are a busy bee...Your sunday sounded fab!! Don,t forget to Take Time To smell The Roses too...xx


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