Thursday, 19 April 2012

the kinders feepers, the kipper's flippers, the finders keepers

Evening all!
So Finders Keepers starts tomorrow evening.
Here is our plan.
The Cottage is going to close at about 2pm tomorrow (Friday) so that we can pack up a whole shebang of stock and load it into the cars. We will be looking slightly frazzled but if you knock desperately and beg we might let you in. Then at 6pm after a frantic set up we will open up a mini Cottage Industry (perhaps a more Lean-to Industry, a Thrown Together Industry or a Gypsy Caravan Industry) at the Exhibition Building. The Cottage will be closed on Saturday, as we are only just up the road we decided it was just too difficult to do both.
Please come and visit us, we are at stall C35 (we always seem to get shoved in a corner...), downside is we are near the stage (although as Isobel pointed out this evening if we are behind the speaker stacks we'll be fine), upside being we should be able to semaphore our taco orders to Raph over at the Taco Truck.
I'm still not sure what we are taking but if you have a request then please drop me an email or call the shop before the 2pm box packing time. As usual I'm feeling very disorganised. I still have things to do in the morning (like buy some new plastic storage boxes that don't come from Bunnings and are so brittle they explode five minutes after you buy them), pick up the shelving unit from the studio (where the lift has stopped working) and buy two long bamboo poles to string some bunting on.
I think I'll press up some gloves and hit the hay. An early-ish night might be nice.
Hope to see you at the Exhibition Building!

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