Monday, 23 April 2012


Morning all.
The kitten and I had a lovely sleep in this morning (that is, Jethro didn't try to wake me at 5.30am and let me nap on through until just before 8am). Fresh sheets, cool weather and tired bodies- perfect knock out drugs.
It took hours to sort the shop yesterday afternoon, unpacking boxes, moving stuff around, changing the window display, stacking plastic storage bins and smashing down cardboard boxes. I still have stuff to move to the car and rubbish to get rid of, a bit of vacuuming to do and a lot of head scratching to work out where in hell we are going to put 150kg of angora yarn. Sometimes I think the Cottage way of interior design is having boxes stash under every horizontal surface in the shop, it's not a nice look but I do get to the stage of not seeing it...... which is pretty much the way with the piles of moth infested laundry in the bedroom.
We are waiting on a couple of boxes of new stock to arrive from the lovely Lisa in the US of A. I'm very excited...... and perplexed as to where in hell we are going to display it. I'm (as usual) way behind on the clothing front but we are about to have all peripheries covered, hand knitted beanies for the head, gloves for the hands, feet things and when I get into the studio later this week there should be a bit of scarfing about happening. Mohair hot water bottle covers, wheat bags, new cushions and soon some new quilts, crocheted Afghan rugs, tea cosies for our tea pots, bring it on Winter, throw us everything you've got!


  1. Love all the detail and description in your posts, it gives a real picture xx

  2. Hello! What a Purfect Picture...I love the way our feline friends always pose beautifully for these pictures...Happy monday! xxx

  3. Hey - your stall rocked at Finders Keepers...
    Mr.Lane is going to be properly chuffed when I tell him that Jethro squeezed himself into a teeny space just so he could read the Cricket section of the newspaper!
    Hmm. 150kg of mohair sounds like the makings of a giant balls of wool sculpture/marionette project...

    Sarah -x-

  4. Hey Pen - I just left you a long rambling message about giant wool sculptures and cat's reading about cricket...oh and it's disparu...bother, bother, bother...maybe it will turn up...sorry if you get two messages...meanwhile the greatest story is unfolding here...has news of a Street Cat named Bob reached Melbun yet? If not Pen you need to share...check out this link I know sometimes you can't watch BBC streams so also check out this joyous article in the Evening Standard
    I'm thinking Jethro could real work a scarf right?

    Sarah -x-

  5. nice one, I'll bet you're glad FK is over! It's intense being a customer, so I can't imagine what it's like to be a stall-holder...
    Thank you again most kindly for the silver satchel, I wanted to tell you that I've blogged about it, and made a link to your online shop... Hope it sends a few more sales... xo


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