Wednesday, 18 April 2012

a better sort of wednesday

Dyeing, dyeing, dyeing. That was my day yesterday. Today will be cutting, sewing, cursing my laziness.
The high point of yesterday was definitely the arrival of our new shipment of the CWA Classics and the Tasmanian CWA 21st Anniversary cookbooks.
The low point was when the school group came through and both Anna and I were a bit (!) taken aback by the way it was all handled. They arrived late and no one in the group (that is the teachers) bothered to introduce themselves, so suddenly we had what felt like 30 people crammed into the shop and we had no idea what was going on. We have been spoilt for the way student outings are run, normally the groups are from institutes like RMIT or Box Hill and the lecturers there always instil in the students that slamming a shop on mass is not the best idea.
I better go get dressed, I have a thousand things to do today.
Please remind me to post about Finders Keepers tonight, I have things I must tell you.

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